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A Letter to my 20 Year Old Self

Dear me,

You are beautiful, full of life and fun! You are funny, kind and bubbly. Hold on to this as long as you can. Love hard, enjoy the turtles in the fish tank at the party next to the speakers that are way to loud because soon this fun ends.

Don’t take life to seriously because the serious part has yet to come.

Enjoy the late nights with your college friends because we are growing up too fast and before you know it we are getting married and having babies. We are no longer drinking too much and finding our friends drunk under trees..

ohhhh the laughter! Laugh hard and laugh often.

Laugh until you cry. Laugh until it hurts.

Pick a couple friends and keep them close.

Go to college a little longer. Get that degree you want.

Don’t walk the couple miles home after he wouldn’t give you the time of day.. he’s never been a boyfriend. Don’t rush home because the boy absolutely shattered your heart. He’s just a boy. But on second thought, rush home and find the one you’ll marry.

Enjoy the heck out of life. I know working 2 jobs isn’t what you had in mind for college but this too shall pass.

Don’t waste your tax money on the Xbox just to return it.

Buy the dog. He’s cute and fluffy.

Live with your cousin as long as you can. Memories last forever even if the fun times don’t. Honestly, this is the greatest thing I had. A constant friend. Love you Boogs.

To my 20 year old self. Enjoy your life. Don’t rush. Relax and ride the wave. These are the best days of your life. Smile, laugh, stay up a little later, love harder, be a fool, socialize more, go to more parties, put yourself out there and enjoy the heck out of this!!

Love, me at almost 30.

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