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After We Collide by Anna Todd - A Book Summary

Whatever our souls are made of, his, and mine are the same.

Christmas was a little rocky when the ghosts of Hardins past come out. They are no longer haunting him. But now Tessa knows all his secret from his past.

New Years was a night.. not exactly how they imagined ringing in the new year..

Tessa has forgiving and so has Hardin and things have been going well. They’ve been happy, laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

They have been doing so good together, Tessa and Hardin.

That is until he comes home late, Tessa is obviously deep in a dream and saying another man’s name. “Zed” she says with a smile.

When she wakes up she sees that Hardin has left a note that he’s going to breakfast with his dad. Tessa finds this a little weird but continues on with her day.

Later that day Hardin is on his way back to his car when he notices an accident and a car that looks all too familiar… Tessa’s car is wrecked and she’s in the back of the ambulance.

This is when his night unfolds and his secret is out. Where he was and with who. It’s all on the table now..

Sometimes it’s better to be kept in the dark than to be blinded by the light.

11 days apart and they start to bandage up their relationship when Hardin goes off the rails and breaks another man’s nose…

Does he have a good reason or is he over reacting?

I am on the fence. I think Hardin needs to learn to control his anger but I think someone else is trying to involve themselves where they don’t belong.

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