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Elf on the Shelf.

The internet has taken elf on the shelf to a whole new level and it’s really not that enjoyable.

I was the mom who said I’d never do elf on the shelf but here I am.

My oldest was coming home from preschool telling me with so much excitement what Cookie was doing at school.

I couldn’t not bring that joy into my house.

And that’s exactly what it is. It’s fun, it’s exciting and it’s a surprise what Holly, our elf is up to next.

When the girls aren’t being nice Holly has to report to the North Pole and this gives me a break for a couple days which is okay.

I enjoy letting Holly be naughty once in a while because the reactions that come from the kids are priceless and the smiles and laughter make my heart so happy.

So while I said for at least a year that I wouldn’t do the elf on the shelf I am glad we did. For our family, it’s nothing more than something fun to do, a tradition that fills our home with laughter and excitement.

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