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Forever and Ever

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Pages I've Turned. I have been keeping a list of books I have read since 2019. One year I read as many as 16. One year there were only 6. Hey, something is better than nothing. Growing up reading wasn’t my favorite thing to do. I had no interest in reading a book for school and then writing a paper on it or whatever it was they wanted us to do. Now I read because it’s a great escape. It takes me out of my world and into the world of different characters, places, and situations. This year I am at 14 books, and we are only in July. My mind is blown!! Who am I? I just finished the first set of Forever and Ever. These were books 1-7. I am INVESTED in this series and can’t wait to read the next set by E.L. Todd.

Here are my thoughts on the first 7- This is a romance series with a little bit of lovemaking. If this isn’t your type of thing, I wouldn’t even consider it. However, I am really enjoying it. The author does use a lot of the same expressions for characters but it’s nothing that I can’t get past. I would say the only downfall for me is that it's a Kindle read only. I would consider myself a page-turner. I’d rather have the paperback in my hands to add to my library that I’ll have someday. What do you like best? E-books or physical books?

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