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I mean, WHATTTT!??!

Who is she?

Hi, I'm Trinity and I'm a mom who has lost her mind.

But also, I'm a mom who doesn't want some crazy person teaching her children about things that shouldn't be taught in school.

So yes, I have chosen to homeschool my babies.

Homeschooling has been on my mind since my baby was in preschool. I loved her teacher but wasn't sure what the future held for us.

Maybe it will just be Kindergarten. Maybe it will be longer. Who knows?

Here's the thing, I don't need someone else teaching my kids things that don't align with our beliefs and the way I want my children raised.

Most support me, some don't. I appreciate the ones who support me and those who don't give me that extra boost of motivation to do an even better job.

My 5 year old is incredibly smart and guess who has taught her thus far??

You guessed it, MEEEE!!!

To start I chose to use The Good and The Beautiful program and I'm very excited about it.

I actually had my daughter enrolled in public school but it just didn't feel right. I didn't like that there are 30+ children to 1 teacher. This isn't fair to anyone.

What is a kid needs more help and attention in math when the rest are ready to move on?

I then got the call that she was accepted to a public charter school and I was excited about this because she would learn half the day in Spanish and half the day in English. This was great for us because imagine being bi-lingual in a world that is so quickly changing.

THEN, I went to welcoming night and got their last packet of rules.

The rules that stated she couldn't have a colorful backpack. Only brown, white or black shoes. No painted nails....

I'm sorry but if we can't express ourselves with something as simple as nail polish then who are we. It's kindergarten, not boot camp.

These are just my opinions and I shouldn't influence someone else choices on where they send their kid to school.

I am just simply doing the best I can in trying to make the best decisions for our girls and my family.

** I do not own the rights to photos**

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