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Sometimes I think it’s hard to keep track of our priorities.

We get caught up in the day to day routines and forget what it is that we really care about.

What we are truly passionate about and what brings us joy.

I have a few priorities and I try to remind myself everyday to work on them.

In no particular order:

My children.

They saved me. Before I had my first daughter who is now 5, I was not in a good headspace. I didn’t want to be around anymore. I was having negative thoughts and life seemed so hard. Really, I was just lost.

But my baby girl saved my life. She pulled me out of my depression.

Suddenly I had something to live for. Someone to take care of. Someone to love unconditionally.

My babies will forever be a priority to me. I will protect them, love them, educate them and guide them. I will give listening ear and provide advice when needed.

My husband and our marriage.

My husband, this poor man. He is so patient, kind and loving. Through thick and thin he stays calm and collected. He often annoys me and needs to be reminded that I need help with the kids and around the house but I also need reminding of just how hard he works and provides for us while he’s out on the road. We pray, we talk, we dream and together there is not one single dream that we won’t achieve.


Our faith and our walk with Jesus is big to me. We don’t make it to Church every Sunday. We aren’t perfect, we sin, and swear but everyday we try to be better than the person we were yesterday. We pray before our meals, we pray before bed each night with the kids and we pray whenever we feel it on our hearts. We ask Jesus to guide us and show us the light. We are so thankful for the life we are blessed with.

Finding Peace.

I am in a new season in my life. I am growing as a person, wife, mother and friend. I have goals for myself and my family. Finding peace within myself is one of them. I am learning that is someone is bringing negativity into my life, they don’t belong here. It has been so much easier to make a smaller circle or people around me than to just deal with it. I am thankful for this season and excited to see where it leads me.

These priorities are important to me. I hope that you too can take the time to write down what’s important to you. I hope that you will chase your dream and nourish your family.

What is your top priority right now?

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