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So Here’s the Thing About Sewing.

Do you ever feel like in the beginning you had it all? You had a family, a home, food on the table, a car full of gas and a paycheck in the bank. But maybe we don’t know what our purpose is.

And then suddenly it seems like your whole world has been flipped upside down and you’re struggle to make ends meet and you really have to budget to put food on the table…

And then before you know it you are thriving again? Life is good and you’re having fun.

Out having a good time with friends and family.

It’s kind of the same with sewing.

In the beginning we have this beautiful piece of fabric that we love and want to make something out of but aren’t sure what yet. We don’t know the purpose for it but we know it’s beautiful.

Then we get a little wild and start cutting up this beautiful piece of fabric. Flipping its world upside down.

And before we know it we’ve sewn it back together with something more and it’s a gorgeous quilt. Living its best life. It’s thriving!

Life is the same. We go through many stages in life. Some are harder than others but if we keep our heads up and keep on pushing. Be patient, say your prayers and never give up life gets better. It gets beautiful and has so much to offer.

Never dwell in a tough situation. If you aren’t picking out what you just sewed because the fabric isn’t facing the right direction or you don’t like the way the thread looks, you don’t just throw it away. You pick it out and start over again. The same way you pick yourself up and keep on going.

I used to be the queen of stressing when things were tough, when money was tight.

Now, I am working on not letting the small things have this affect on me like that. My husband has said he will never let me down and he keeps his promise.

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