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The Girl He Needs - Kristi Rose

“You ever been in a room like this, full of people, and felt utterly alone? As if you were invisible and weren’t sure you even existed out of the mold someone else created for you?”

I don’t know what I was expecting for this book but I can tell you it was good.

The beginning was a little slow so I had a hard time picking it up but I powered through and I’m glad I did.

Throughout the story we learn several things including running away to the next best thing isn’t always the answer.

Sometimes it’s the easiest thing because it’s all we’ve ever known. Maybe people on our lives have taught us that running away from our problems is just what you do.

“I’ve learned that my journey is found in staying and seeing things out. It’s about living the life that’s been dealt me and making it everything I imagine or more.”

That is until we fall in love with a person or a place. This is when life changes.

Josie starts off hitching a ride to a new place on the map, finding a new job and making some real friends which she hasn’t done in a long time.

After some time she’s ready to move on to her next adventure when someone changes her mind and makes her think twice about moving on.

“I might love him,” I whisper.

“Is that so terrible?”

“I can’t love him.” I shake my head in denial. “Why ever not?”

“Because it’s stupid. Falling in love with him is stupid.”

“Darling, no one ever said falling in love was smart. They say to fall in love with a good person. Someone you can see yourself with forever, through thick and thin, because everything about it is stupid.”

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