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The Love Hypothesis - Ali Hazelwood

WOW! Just wow.

Honestly, I went into this book with a bad attitude.

After reading the first few chapters I didn’t like the big words, all the science references that I didn’t understand but then I found myself wanting more.

I was there with the characters of this book. I was in the science lab and at the conferences.

This writer has a truly great understanding of how to put the readers in the story because that’s exactly what she did.

After the first few chapters I found myself halfway through the book and then next thing I know I’m on the last page.

The author did a great job wrapping up the book. Not leaving me needing more information but happy that I was able to read it and go through the journey of being a scientist and student with Olive.

This book is about a fake dating scenario that quickly turns into real feelings. And not just by one of them.

Definitely pick this book up and keep your nose in it until you just can’t read anymore. It’s worth it!!

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