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The Stories We Tell - Joanna Gaines

The Stories We Tell - Joanna Gaines

I feel this book. I resonate with some of her stories on so many levels.

I really feel that this book just shows us how little we know about someone’s life.

I now know stories about Joanna that the person standing next to me in line will never know but instead makes all their judgments about what they see on tv and in the tabloids.

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It’s really not fair if you think about it.

How can we judge people that we know very little to nothing about.

Maybe we think we know them and about their life because we watch their Instagram stories for 5-10 minutes each day when in reality that’s only 5 minutes of their day they showed us on social media.

Chapter 2 talks all about fear. And the fear we instill into ourselves. Sure, some of it is really but a lot of it is things we tell ourselves to be afraid of. This is a thought pattern we need to break, I need to break.

I am really good at talking myself out of doing things I want to do because of fear. Fear of being around people who don’t support me. Fear of people running their mouths when it’s non of their business. Someone getting wild in a crowd and doing something that could potentially hurt me and those around me. I don’t like crowds. Even if it is people I know and trust.

I have now read this book of stories 2 times. Once with my own eyes and the second time by listening on Libby. I would say I loved this book most listening to it because you can hear her compassion and emotion while she tells her very own stories.

“To much of anything that pulls us away from life as it’s happening will only ever keep us looking down”

This book touches my heart and soul in many ways.

I give it 5 stars and fully recommend anyone who might struggle with who they are underneath it all.

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