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Tips & must haves for first time moms.

First and foremost, I’m not a doctor and I’m not giving medical advice. I’m just stating what worked for me.

You and most importantly your babies don’t need the latest greatest gadgets in my opinion.

You don’t need the sound machine, you don’t need the fanciest wagon, they don’t need the $500 car seat.

Do you think your kid is going to look back in life and say “I had the best car seat you can buy! It was so comfortable.”

Chances are that will never happen.

Here’s what we really need to think about.

Are we doing it for our kids or are we doing it to keep up with the other moms?

I personally don’t care what the mom next to me thinks. If my kids are healthy, happy and laughing, fed, running around and enjoying life then that’s what really matters.

This is a simple guide on things I used.

Not the top of the line.

Some things are a little nicer but that’s because I loved them. My babies didn’t know the difference.


I love Copper Pearl. Their swaddles and blankets are amazing and so soft. We never used sleep sacks but if you are into that, they have those too.

Stroller and Car Seat-

Graco has a great stroller and car seat combo that has kept 2 of my children safe and could go another round! My oldest is 5 and my youngest is 2. I could easily get another year or so out of it.


I just had your basic monitor with no Wi-Fi!

I would highly suggest getting a simple monitor that plugs into the wall. Not wireless and/or Wi-Fi. You don’t need some creep hacking your monitor and keeping tabs on your children.

I am told this camera is a amazing!


This is where I went crazy. I found a small shop on Instagram that I adore. I’ve followed her for close to 5 years now. She designed pacifiers and clips at a safe length so your babies are going to wrap them around their necks while sleeping. Ryan & Rose is a Godly business and Lindsay’s is truly amazing! They are always giving back to their customers in the best ways.


There are so many dang bottles on the market! Honestly, I’d say there are too many to choose from. It’s overwhelming. We tried a few different bottle brands and types and ultimately came back to the Playtex Ventaire Bottles.

Wipe Warmer-

I never purchased this. It was given to us for a baby shower gift and I’m so happy it was. It wasn’t an item I was going to buy myself because it just seemed over the top and something I didn’t need. Boy, was I wrong. Okay, I didn’t NEED it but it was nice to have. No angry baby during diaper changes because the wipes were cold.

Diaper Genie-

This is another item I probably wouldn’t have bought for myself but it was very convenient to have! Definitely add to your list of wants!


Can you believe that some wagons go for a couple hundred if not a thousand dollars!? This is insane! To me it’s more of a statement.

I don’t have time or the money for that! (Hello to my fellow frugal friends)

Costco has a great option for around $80

Walmart had a great option for around $60.

Sure the kids don’t buckle into these and they don’t have monster tires on them but they do the job.


Don’t spend a crazy amount of money on clothes and shoes. They grow out of them so quickly. Walmart has great clothes for kids I’m and they are anywhere from $3-$5 per shirt or pants. The kids don’t need designer.

And if your into this sort of thing, I’ve been told the thrift store often has clothes for kids that still have the tags on them!


Should we talk about the toy situations?

Here’s what I have learned. Babies like the box itself more than the toy. The first few years of their lives they don’t need under the tree to be packed full of crap when they won’t even play with half of it. Get them something they can read, something they can wear, an experience. Something more valuable than a toy. Under our tree looks sad each year because my husband and I don’t want a house full of crap. We want a life full of experiences.

I hope these items and tips help you in your journey. And welcome to motherhood!!

** I do not own rights to photos and I do not earn commissions on links posted.**

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