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Momma Says Hello & Enjoy the Ride

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Welcome to Momma's Den

Hello! This is our space. A space to feel safe, heard and like you are never alone. Enjoy the ride and be patient with me because I'm new at this.

Here in the Den we are going to talk about life, raising children and being a stay at home mom, life as a truckers wife, and something I love, sewing. We need to live without being ashamed or embarrassed of the things that bring us joy!

Friends are the Family you Choose with your Heart

Friends in Safe Spaces

Life isn't easy and neither is being lonely so I am here to create a space for those who need a friend, encouragement, a laugh or new ideas. Join me on this journey and together we will conquer life, laugh, have fun and make our ideas come to life together.

Until Next Time

Here's your formal invite! Are you joining this journey?

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