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Facts About ME!

Here you go. I'm sharing way to many facts me for you to enjoy!

31 to be exact.


I love sandwiches - you can call me a sandwich connoisseur

Kenny Chesney is smokin hot and one of my favorite country artists.

I'm a daddies girl but I talk to my mom more.. This one is weird to me.

I love to be in the mountains & at the beach but not both at the same time.

Sewing is a big part of my life - Check out my Etsy site -

I have a small circle of friends.

I'm a mom of 2 beautiful and sassy girls.

Chickens are my favorite animal

I don’t like the heat. 80* is about my max. And I’m not a fan of winter..

with that being said. Spring and Fall are my favorites

My birthday is on Halloween

My favorite holiday is Easter.

I’m the wife of a truck driver

I don’t have time for people who create drama in my life

I’m sassy.

I love really hard. (This can also cause problems for me at times)

I lettered in high school for drag racing

I love painting

Essential oils and natural products have changed the way I look at products -

I love gardening and my house plants

I am a licensed cosmetologist. Unfortunately I didn’t put this to use for very long. My dad was right.

Avid water drinker

A hot bath is my favorite way to unwind

I’m married to a man who looks like Luke Combs

I wonder Walmart alone when I need a break from the kids

Book lover

I’d like to go back to school to get a business degree.

I love baking and being in the kitchen

I can’t handle amusement park rides

I’m a bamboo sheet snob


If I tell you anymore you’ll know exactly who I am and where I come from. So I’m going to stop right there!

BONUS: I love the food network.

Can you relate to any of these facts about me?

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