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Date Night Ideas in Boise and Surrounding Areas

Date night is a favorite to me. After having kids its hard to spend time with just my husband.

We are busy and we keep the kids involved in our lives. I enjoy spending time with my kids and I want to give them the best life possible but sometimes we need to rekindle our love and spend some quality time together.

The Melting Pot-

We go here once a year for some fondue to celebrate our anniversary. It is fun and a great environment. Before or after stuffing yourself you could hit up the Space Bar or ride scooters around downtown.

The Anniversary Inn-

These themed rooms are so fun!

We like to get all fat and happy and then reside to a room to watch movies and soak in the oversized tubs for a night of R&R with no responsibilities. Breakfast is provided and the croissants are Devine!

Indian Creek Steakhouse-

This is an all time favorite for us. We enjoy the atmosphere and the food is so good! After eating we take a stroll around Indian creek plaza and the creek that runs through.

Labyrinth Escape Games-

We enjoy the heck out of this place. Enjoy at burger at Holy Cow before you try to get yourself out of the room. Be sure you reserve a time slot first! We have never not escaped before but have been close.

Drive-in Theatre-

Drive in theaters are always fun! Bring some blankets, snacks and drinks and cuddle up in your car or truck bed. I really enjoy the Parma Motor Vu drive-in theater but if you are looking for something a little closer the Terrace Drive-in is in Caldwell, ID. Check what movies are playing and times before you go!

The Village at Meridian-

Enjoy lunch or dinner at one of the many restaurants, walk around and shop, catch a movie at the theater or my personal favorite, find a good place to sit and people watch! It’s so fun to sit and watch parents interact with their kids or watch lovers be in love. It’s a beautiful place during the holiday season and they even set up ice skating!

Indian Creek Plaza-

This place is growing all the time. It’s a fun place to grab a bite to eat and walk the shops. On the weekends you may catch some live music. In the winter they have the amazing lights and an ice skating rink set up! How fun.

**I do not own the rights to any images used in this post.**

What is your favorite place for date night?

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