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After by Anna Todd - A Book Summary

I am in love!

Tessa is being dropped off by her boyfriend Noah of 2 years and her mother. She is starting college this year. She is innocent, a good girl, she’s never done anything with a guy.  She studies, her days are planned, she has alarms set for everything. That is until Hardin comes along and shakes up her world.

Tessa is confused. She doesn’t know why her emotions are running wild. Noah visits her at college and is shocked by her roommate and new friend Hardin.

The two men she is now juggling couldn’t be further apart in their personalities.

They are polar opposite.

Noah wears cardigans and loafers. He has been dating Tessa for 2 years but their relationship goes way back. He studies, is level headed and him and Tessa are saving theirselves for marriage.

Hardin is a punk, he is covered in tattoos, has an eyebrow and lip piercing. He’s angry and likes to party but rarely drinks. He’s the guy who never has a problem getting a girl in the sack. He’s been around the block.

Hardin and Tessa are intoxicating and the more I read the harder it is to put this book down.

They fight like cats and dogs. Hardins words cut to the bone. He doesn’t know how to love or how to show his love and Tessa knows what he’s deserves and how she wants to be treated.  Somehow they always find their way back together.

Is their relationship real or is it all just a sick joke??


I finished book one and am immediately picking up the next book in the series, After We Collided

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