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After We Fell by Anna Todd - A Book Summary

While Tessa and Hardin were apart Tessa decided she was going to follow her longtime plan of moving to Seattle to work at a publishing company. So she works up the courage to ask her boss if she can transfer to the new addition is Seattle.  She is beyond excited!

They seem to work it out again.  And Tessa has to decide when she is going to break the news to Hardin that she will be moving to Seattle in just two weeks. She has so much hope that he will change his mind about Seattle and make the move with her.

They are going on a nice couple day trip together with Hardins dad and his wife, and step brother, Landon. Tessa is excited and Hardin is the exact opposite.

Although, he’s never excited to spend time with his family. Everything was all good until they try to get freaky in the hot tub and Tessa asks Hardin if he has protection.

Somehow lots of mean words are said. He leaves, she leaves, everyone leaves.

Hardin takes a walk when he is greeted by a stranger and while Hardin isn’t exactly someone to talk to just anyone, he decides that maybe a stranger is the best kind of person to talk to.

After their 2 days at the cabin they make it home just to find that their apartment has been broken into. Heather accuses her dad and deep down Tessa knows it’s true. They fight long and hard and Hardin tells her to get out..

Tessa packs her bags and is off. Though she doesn’t know exactly where to go. She doesn’t want to go back to Hardins dad’s because she feels that she has put enough burden on them as it is so she decides to call Steph, her roommate from the dorms.

Steph allows her to come stay at the dorms just like old times and reminds Tess about the going away party that she has planned for Tessa.

The party quickly becomes Tessa worse nightmare. Steph gives her a drink which is laced and before she knows it she is no longer functioning and asking Zed to take her to her mom’s house, 2 hours away.


Tessa is off to Seattle to start her new journey and she is excited but obviously wishes Hardin were there with her. Even through all the crap they have gone through together.

After a few weeks of doing the long distance with daily texting and calls with weekend visits Tessa decides to go back to Central Washington with Hardin when she learns about all the things happening back home.

She’s welcomed with a rude awakening or what I would call, a slap in the face, after giving someone so close to her the benefit of the doubt.

A few days later they are off to London where Harden is facing the ghosts of his past and I am completely shocked at what he has learned..

Picking up book 4 next..

while I am really enjoying this series I am looking forward to finishing it to enjoy a book a little more light hearted. This series has been a little heavy but at this point I’m fully invested

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